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Ing. Caprio e C. srl

The Company

Company building

The company Ing. Caprio e C. srl was established in 1981. From the beginning is devoted to the design and manufacture of special electronic equipments for telecommunications and for military electronics.

The company mission was and still is to develop equipments under specific customer's requirements, starting from the functional requirements, and performing all the design and manufacturing steps up to the delivery of fully qualified products, including the documentation according to the most stringent standards.

Since 1995 we started to operate also on the railways field, developing and manufacturing electronic control units for rolling stocks.

In 1998 we moved in the current location in Concorezzo, on the north side of Milano, near Monza, with wide spaces and fully air conditioned.

At the end of 2000 we obtained the ISO 9001 certification for the “Design and manufacture of electronic equipment for telecommunication networks and signal electronic equipment for railway applications”.

In 2001 was installed a complete automatic SMT assembly line, to be used for prototyping and small batch manufacture of safety related equipment. Volume manufacturing is outsourced to one of the leading Italian contract manufacturer, Avicel, see the Agreement with Avicel section. The availability of this proprietary pilot line is invaluable to keep a close contact with the evolving technologies, and have a quick feedback to improve the quality of design for manufacturability

The 7 July of 2001 a terrible tornado hit the company, that was completely devastated, luckily without causing injuries. However after three months we where able to restart the activity, and after one year all traces of the event were removed. See the full story in the Tornado section.

During 2003 the Quality System certification was upgraded to the ISO 9001:2000 standard for the same activities, and in November 2009 was further upgraded to ISO 9001:2008. 

The company is and has ever been totally independent, fully owned by the people actively working in the company. Since the beginning all activities have been financed internally, and no debt has ever been contracted.The management philosophy is to reinvest all revenues totally in the company itself.

The company is listed as an approved supplier of the railways operating company in Italy (Trenitalia), Switzerland (SBB) and Finland (VR).

ISO 9001:2008 quality accredited company

2014 Ing. Caprio e C. srl, Tel.+39 039 6886096.  E-mail us

Last modified December 2014